Thoughts on Google Plus

Much has already been written on Google Plus. Here are a few of my favorites:

Right now, the tech community and other early adopters have raved about the new social network. So far, it’s received a better reception than Google’s previous effort – Buzz. But only time will tell whether or not Google Plus will become a success. Here’s what I think:


  • Combines the public nature of Twitter and the private nature of Facebook.
  • Strong visually – akin to Tumblr.
  • Strong integration with other Google tools, making it more valuable.
  • Hangouts seem fun.
  • Circles are intuitive, and the privacy controls represent a step forward compared to Facebook.

Things to Improve

  • It’s a lot like Facebook.
  • No integration with other social networks. It seems clear that Google wants to strike out on its own.
  • There’s no visible difference maker. What’s going to be the thing that pulls the masses away from Facebook or Twitter?
  • The mobile app has no way to reshare items.

The one big thing I’m a fan of, and that I’ve seen some people do, is using Google Plus in different ways than Facebook or Twitter. What ways are you using it?

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