Gulp JS File for WordPress Themes

Fellow Theme Wrangler Dan Robert introduced me to Gulp recently and I’ve run with it, using it on my latest WordPress theme projects. Dan got me going with most of the code for my gulpfile.js, but I’ve added a few other plugins. I love the automated linting the most. Gulp, for the win.

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2 replies on “Gulp JS File for WordPress Themes”

  1. I’ve just been getting into grunt as it happens, but that pipe function looks interesting, might have to look into that. I’ve also been dabbling in using jssc to enforce the WordPress coding standards more strictly.

    1. I’ve used Grunt before as well and like it too. So far, I think Gulp has a nicer syntax, but other than that, they seem very similar.

      The above doesn’t output everything perfectly according to WordPress code standards, so I need to keep refining it.

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