Why Chaos Can Make a Storytelling Project Work

Sometimes chaos can be the best thing for a big project. My classmates and I discovered this today as we finished our first day on location at Barrow Hill Junior School in London. We gathered content today for a digital prospectus we will build the school as part of Elon University’s interactive media master’s program […]

Going with the Flow on a Storytelling Project

Every project has its challenges. The winter term project I’m working on with my classmates at Elon University in London is no different. We knew that it would throw challenges our way, but the project hasn’t even begun and we’ve faced a major one. It snowed in London a few days before we arrived and […]

The Strategy for a Storytelling Project with Unknowns

My classmates and I at Elon University have been huddled together planning some very exciting projects for public good. My group heads to London tomorrow. We’ve brainstormed and brainstormed and discovered that many of our decisions about our project will have to wait until we get on the ground. We will be creating a multimedia […]

Planning a Big Storytelling Project: Have an Eye on the Story

Planning any large, group project can prove daunting. However, with some creative thinking and teamwork, group members can accomplish a lot of pre-planning before any boots hit the ground. That’s something I’m realizing with one big project I’m working on right now. The Adventure I’ll be creating a digital prospectus for an elementary school in […]

Create a Digital Story – A Flash Tutorial

Digital stories remain a mostly untapped resource in the classroom for students and teachers. They allow students the opportunity to create something meaningful that they’re invested in, sometimes more so than just a normal report or research paper. Through the stories they tell, students can employ critical thinking, conduct original research and contribute to a […]

The Most Important Non-Digital Tool for Any Creative

It’s easy for us to become immersed in the digital world. We have to be. From social bookmarking, social media, blogging, designing via different software and so much more, the majority of tools a professional uses in this realm have a digital aspect. However, what happens if the digital world ended tomorrow? If all the […]

Mark Luckie on Three Great Ways to Stand Out Online

New blogs, photos and videos clog today’s web. The onslaught continues with no sign of slowing down, especially as individuals and companies embrace Web 2.0. So how do storytellers stand out among the masses? Three ways, according to Mark Luckie, the journalist and blogger behind the successful blog 10,000 Words. Don’t give up. Create content […]

7 Amazing Digital Storytelling Websites

Stories. We love them. From the moment we join the fray here on Earth, we engage in storytelling. People once shared stories over fires. They once drew tales on cave walls. Now, we trade narratives on the Internet – in so many forms and fashions. If you like spinning a good yarn, or being pulled […]