Theme Team in Vancouver, 2016

Last week, the Theme Team, my team at Automattic, spent the week in Vancouver. We worked on a cool project, hung out and checked out some sights.

Snowzilla: January, 2016 Blizzard

As a Florida boy, I can now say that I dug out of a blizzard. Snowzilla, a historic snow storm has hit the Washington, D.C. area, and is still going strong. As I write this, we’ve seen about 20 inches fall in Reston, Va., a suburb west of Washington, D.C., with more on the way this afternoon. I’ll update this post as the storm progresses and reaches its end.

Update (January 24, 2016): I added more photos to the gallery showing the effects of Snowzilla. Official snowfall totals for our area, Reston, Va, are 28 inches.

Here are a few photos of the storm.