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  1. Time and Decisions

    Making decisions is the work.

  2. The End-to-End Experience

    Every step in the experience matters.

  3. James Dyson on Luck, Distance Running and Success

    Running has influenced a lot of my perspectives in life

  4. Listen, Learn… Then Lead

    Iteration can happen anywhere.

  5. Goodbye Firebug

    This tool helped me learn so much about HTML and CSS.

  6. Focusing on What Matters

    Don’t ignore what matters: accessibility, performance and security.

  7. Themers as Shipbuilders

    I want you to sail them.

  8. What Comes Next is the Future

    Oh, a mix of history and the Web!

  9. Contributing to Twenty Seventeen

    Sami shares some good advice.

  10. Signs You May be a Designer

    It’s me.

  11. JavaScript Community: The Good Parts

    Let’s get practical for a bit.

  12. Chasing Tools

    Use what works for you.

  13. We’re the Only Plane in the Sky

    An oral histpry worth reading.

  14. What is React?

    What will React teach us?

  15. Hidden Expectations

    There’s always more beneath the surface.

  16. Just Build Websites

    Oh, fun side project ideas.

  17. How to Learn Technical Things

    Give it time.

  18. Hypertext

    Embrace the link.

  19. Empathy and Acceptance in Design and Community

    Practicing empathy in our work could have the same impact on the Web as responsive design.

  20. What to Consider When the Platforms Show Up with Money

    Social networks can’t replace your own domain.

  21. Why Suburbia Sucks

    Why cities in the United States aren’t walkable.

  22. Goodbye Thematic

    Thematic taught me so much.

  23. Being a Developer After 40

    Getting good can come at any time.

  24. Why I Love Working with the Web

    The Web represents this giant book that we’re all writing and learning from.

  25. Don’t Use Slack? (Or Why Aren’t We Better at Accessibility?)

    Accessibility happens everywhere.

  26. Conan O’Brien Interviews Jack White

    Deadlines can fuel creativity.

  27. jQuery’s Relevancy

    Do I really need to use jQuery for this?

  28. Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People

    A talk that touches on all the parts of the Web that we know have nearly limitless potential, but that we haven’t yet figured out how to do well consistently.

  29. Nine Learnings from Nine Years of Brain Pickings

    A lot of learning comes when you keep doing working to grow a creation.

  30. The Future Mundane

    Don’t just design for your ideal user.

  31. The Slow Web

    Be mindful of what you do each day.

  32. A Brief History of Web Design

    I want that intense, personal exploration and sharing back.

  33. How Future-Safe are Your Ideas?

    Hint, post on your own domain.

  34. Space Jam Forever

    One of my favorite historical websites.

  35. Steal This Talk

    Trust each other more and work together for far greater impact.

  36. Remembering the Everyday Developer

    Pay attention to the raw materials, and tech yourself.

  37. My Life in Typefaces

    Mind the subtle difference between constraints and compromises.

  38. New Browser Features, Interoperability, Craft, and the Future of the Web

    The Web has beauty in its wildness.

  39. The Hamburger Wars

    Useful in fewer ways than you think.

  40. Writing is Failure

    So that’s why people don’t do this.

  41. As We May Link

    The smallest tag is the best tag.

  42. Every Browser is the New IE (To Me)

    Different browsers make the Web fun.

  43. Flash is Dead

    Delivered from Strong Bad himself.

  44. Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience

    The Web is the Web. Unique.

  45. The Story Behind .io

    It’s easy to forget the implications of the choices we make with our buying power.

  46. Theme History and WordPress

    A dive into the history of premium themes, Kubrick and more.

  47. Well Designed Interfaces Look Boring

    People want a works-for-me design.

  48. A Roundtable on Progressive Enhancement

    Let’s talk about responsible JavaScript.

  49. Teaching Accessibility

    Helping others learn how to improve the quality of what they create on the web.

  50. The Web We Have To Save

    Missing the time when more people bothered to read more than a paragraph or 140 characters.

  51. Google Plus and Web Performance

    Watch your CSS size.

  52. Five Goofy Things Medium Did That Broke Accessibility

    Let’s talk about accessibility more.

  53. Imbalance, Innovation and Work-Life Balance

    Forget the balance.

  54. The Gruen Effect

    This seems familar.

  55. President Obama on Grace

    A truly moving speech.

  56. Responsive Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

    These things help each other.

  57. The First Librarian of Congress for the Internet Age

    Information will be a little different.

  58. A Journey Into Web Accessibility

    Don’t worry about knowing everything.

  59. Creating Your Minimum Viable Product

    It’s usually easier than you think it might be.

  60. What is Code?

    Let’s find out how this code thing works.

  61. I Have No Idea What The Hell I’m Doing

    Lots of us feel the same way.

  62. A Manifesto for Accessible User Experience

    Look at accessibility through the lens of user experience.

  63. The Web is Not Poor Man’s Native

    The web does not need to emulate native to provide a powerful, vibrant app ecosystem.

  64. This Web App Best Viewed By Someone Else

    What we too often dismiss as edge cases are real people who may very much want or even legitimately need to use what we create.

  65. Web! What is it Good For?

    The web power lies in its universality.

  66. Browser Testing

    It’s more simple than you think.

  67. The Ryanair Approach to Progressive Enhancement

    Use progressive enahancement as a reward.

  68. Modern-Day Philosopher: Brunello Cucinelli

    Advice from the king of cashmere.

  69. The True Cost of Progressive Enhancement

    There’s a difference between support and optimization.

  70. This is Water

    Wake up and care.

  71. Choosing Performance

    It begins with culture.

  72. Be Kind

    Kind of simple.

  73. Blue Chips: The Orlando Magic’s Lost Dynasty

    Shaq, Penny and 3D, if only…

  74. The Abundance of JavaScript Libraries

    What lies behind the library?

  75. The Days Are Long But the Decades Are Short

    It always comes down to time.

  76. Theming with the REST API

    A new way to theme, perhaps?

  77. How to Create Better, More Accessible WordPress Themes

    Detailed and thoughtful, plus it’s not as hard as you might think.

  78. Notes on Client-Rendered Accessibility

    Manage that focus, folks.

  79. A Woman with Usher Syndrome Reviews Her Apple Watch

    Accessibility features matter.

  80. A One Page App in One Day!

    Really, one day only?

  81. The Tesla Powerwall

    The cool thing here is the open source patents.

  82. One Journalism Student on the Job She’ll Never Have

    It’s tough out there.

  83. Art Direction and Creativity on the Web in 2015

    It should be easier to be creative on the web.

  84. Everyone Has JavaScript, Right?

    Careful, okay?

  85. Perfectionism and Blogging

    Don’t let it stop you.

  86. Tips for Surviving Google’s “Mobilegeddon”

    It’s about more than smaller screens.

  87. Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Medium?

    It’s always about finding readers.

  88. Accessibility is Not an Edge Case

    It’s for everybody.

  89. Hope for the Open Web

    Keep it open.

  90. Seven Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

    A useful list of tips.

  91. A Look Back at the Mother of All Demos

    The thing that gave us the computer mouse and more.

  92. The Long Web

    Bigger and better than the greatest library?

  93. From Community Generosity to a Full-Time Job

    A free service turns into a job.

  94. Accessibility and Low-Powered Devices

    Does your site or app work on a inexpensive phone or tablet?

  95. ReactJS for Stupid People

    That title is off putting, but the information helps.

  96. Responsive Web Design is Five

    I still remember when I first read about it.

  97. Atom Editor

    Trying out a new code editor.

  98. Five Years of My Autistic Son Rocking His iPad

    Accessible apps matter.

  99. Being Andre the Giant

    Different, but also the same.

  100. A11y Wins Tumblr

    Yay, something positive in the accessibility community.

  101. Theme, Don’t be My Everything

    Don’t do too much in one go.

  102. Web Accessibility Tutorials from the W3C

    These will be good.

  103. Empathy Can Fix the Modern Newsroom

    Move mindfully, and fix things.

  104. The Facebook Reconing

    A tough go for journalism.

  105. JavaScript Required; Didn’t Read.

    So much JS.

  106. Zen and the Art of Wearable Markup

    Worry less about devices.

  107. Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility

    The best magic show I know.

  108. A Skip Link Primer

    Often overlooked.

  109. Cities: Skylines Tips and Tricks from Skye Storme

    One of my favorite Cities: Skylines streamers.

  110. An Oral History of Larry Bird’s 60-Point Game

    It wasn’t even one of Bird’s favorite games.

  111. The Web’s Grain

    If we look at the web as a material and not as a canvas, how do its affordances guide a designer’s hand?

  112. In Florida, Officials Ban the Term ‘Climate Change’

    Not good, not good.

  113. GitHub and Open Source Licenses

    You can add licenses to your projects on GitHub more easily.

  114. AC/DC’s Thunderstruck – Solo Acoustic Guitar Performance

    One word: Whoa.

  115. The Most Interesting Pitcher in Baseball

    He lives in a van, and that’s not the most interesting thing.

  116. The Supreme Joy of Writing in the Open

    Learn a bit here, and a bit there from many.

  117. Accessibility Originates With UX: A BBC iPlayer Case Study

    Design with choice in mind, and always give users control over the page.

  118. Privacy is at a Crossroads

    Which road will we take?

  119. Riding a Bicycle to an Accessibility Conference

    It’s good to find your people.

  120. FCC Votes for Net Neutrality

    Great news for the open web.

  121. Improving Single Page App Accessibility

    We can have the modern web and accessibility.

  122. Apple, Standards and the Open Web

    Why won’t Apple play well with others?

  123. Use the Same Technology Stephen Hawking Does

    Another win for open source.

  124. Design is Valued. Now What?

    What’s next for design in organizations?

  125. Section 508 Update – Finally

    Section 508, meet WCAG 2.0.

  126. Flipboard and the Mobile Web Dream

    Does mobile have to be like the web?

  127. Google and Blogs: Uh Oh

    Another apps vs. the web post.

  128. Surviving Progress

    Civilization, meet world.

  129. Flipboard, React Canvas and Accessibility

    Form over function wins again.

  130. The Meaning of Life

    Neil deGrasse Tyson on the biggest question.

  131. Interactive WCAG 2.0

    Making WCAG a bit easier to digest.

  132. We Suck at HTTP

    Let’s talk about some of the inner workings of the web.

  133. Work and Following Your Passion

    Don’t follow it, but bring it.

  134. Accessibility Problems are Quality Problems

    Accessibility is about quality.

  135. Founders at Work: Steve Wozniak

    A glimpse of the early days at Apple.

  136. Testing Google’s ReCaptcha

    It shows some promise, but needs work.

  137. On the Accessibility of Web Components – Again

    Just how accessible are web components?

  138. Batman: The Making of a Hero

    One of my fvorite movies of all time.

  139. Wake Up Excited

    Embrace the process.

  140. Google’s ReCaptcha

    Better than the original?

  141. Burnout in Free Software Communities

    Focus, focus, focus.

  142. The Group That Rules the Web

    Getting vs. doing.

  143. Keep It Accessible and Responsive

    The web was born responsive.

  144. Just Renting

    What exactly is hosting?

  145. All Technology is Assistive

    Accessibility is everywhere.

  146. Chasing Relevancy at Any Cost

    Lots of things are free these days.

  147. TEDx Videos and Captions Make Life Delicious

    More often than not, accessibility means independence.

  148. CSS is 20

    CSS is awesome.

  149. Inspiration Porn and the Objectification of Disability

    We all achieve the same way.

  150. The Internet Arcade

    Arcade games in the browser? Sold!

  151. What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?

    So many podcasts.

  152. Stop Breaking the Web

    Let’s talk about our decisions.

  153. HTML5 is Official

    It’s officil, it’s just part of HTML now.

  154. The New Rules for Blogging

    It’s easier than you think.

  155. Good Coding Habits for Accessibility

    Quality often comes down to habits.

  156. An Open Letter to Apple Regarding Xcode’s Accessibility

    Xcode gets more accessible.

  157. SimCity Turns 25

    My favorite video game reaches a milestone.

  158. WebAIM to Release Chrome Extension of Wave

    Nice to see one of my favorite add-ons/extensions hit Chrome.

  159. The Tilde Club

    We need more weird ideas out there.

  160. Accessible WordPress with Joe O’Connor

    Good to see WordPress accessibility getting some attention.

  161. Relaunching The Early Web

    It all started here.

  162. Saturday Morning Cartoons are No More

    Going to miss the old way.

  163. Zeldman’s Theme

    Zeldman using one of the default WordPress themes.

  164. What I Make is Caring About Accessibility

    Putting a different spin on maker.

  165. John Oliver vs Miss America

    Investigative journalism and satire in one go.

  166. An Accessible Web

    What an accessible web really means.

  167. The Enterprise

    Oh, space history, one of my favorite things!

  168. Answer This

    Whether tiy support accessibility really is that simple.

  169. Now is the Perfect Time

    How making things accessible can lead to breakthroughs.

  170. The Personal Blog

    Blogging can foster conversation.

  171. Feature Misuse

    Markup in the wild is… bad.

  172. The Internet’s Original Sin

    Has to be something better than ads on the web.

  173. Effortless Style

    Styling without classes? What?

  174. The Once and Future IndieWeb

    The siloed web has set a trap for us.

  175. Microsoft’s First Web Page

    One web page can teach us a lot.

  176. Living in a Developer’s Utopia

    Living the good life.

  177. Why the Web is Dead

    Maybe apps are all hype?

  178. Weird Al Yankovic On Parody In the Age Of YouTube

    It’s a free for all on YouTube.

  179. How Node.js is Going to Replace JavaScript

    It’s Node vs. JS, ya’ll.

  180. Revitalized CSS Zen Garden

    You can still learn a lot from this new zen garden.

  181. Accessibility, Meet Facebook

    Some big technical challenges for accessibility.

  182. What Really Happened to the News?

    Storytelling about storytelling.

  183. From Developer to Manager

    How do you know when to make a transition?

  184. Hacking, Creating and Encouragement

    Keep on keeping on.

  185. The Story of Batman’s Secret Creator

    Who really created Batman?

  186. Learn More About Web Accessibility

    Follow some good folks in the accessibility field via this Twitter list.

  187. A 2013 WordPress Default Theme Pitch

    Thoughts on the Twenty Thirteen default WordPress theme and accessibility.

  188. Blogging Isn’t Dead

    Blogging is all about ownership.

  189. Be a Better FED in 2013

    Talks to help you grow as a front ender.

  190. Meet the Obama Campaign’s Fundraising Platform

    Speed kills.

  191. Create Once Publish Selectively in Content Strategy

    One simple approach to content strategy.

  192. The Battle for the Web

  193. Modernizr and Feature Detection

    Support it when it’s there.

  194. Seth Godin on Blogging

    Great writing tips.

  195. The New Autism Numbers: Why They Matter

    Some stats on autism numbers in the United States.

  196. Accessibility Certification

    A few good thoughts on a direction fot this wide, complex field.

  197. Apps vs. The Web

    It’s complicated.

  198. Google Search Meeting

    I’m feeling lucky.

  199. You Don’t Need a Native Mobile App

    Mobile apps need more thinking.

  200. Twenty Twelve Theme Release

    The latest theme release for WordPress got delayed.

  201. CSS Tricks CSS Almanac

    Excuse me while I nerd out about CSS.

  202. Content Strategy and Responsive Design

    Two of my most favorite subjects.

  203. Social Media as Resistance

    This social media stuff might be bad for actually getting work done.

  204. Us as Media Channels

    Attention is money.

  205. WordPress Plugin Created by 10-Year-Old

    It’s good to start young!

  206. The Secret is There is No Social Media

    Social media is just the regular web.

  207. What Would You Learn on a Crashing Plane?

    You don’t have much time, only the important stuff.

  208. Web Governance and Change

    The web needs more than technical skills.

  209. WordPress vs. Drupal – Matt and Dries Talk Open Source

    The leaders of WordPress and Drupal chat.

  210. Facebook Changes and Nonprofits

    What managing social media on Facebook might mean for your organization, thanks to recent changes.

  211. Steve Jobs on Content and Technology

    Content and technology need to come together.

  212. – A True Inspiration

    Using WordPress during wartime.

  213. Social Media: 25 Posts You Should Read

    Some useful posts about social media.

  214. Defending the Web Generalist

    I’m definitely biased here because I’m a generalist.

  215. Marc Andreessen on Why Coders Hate Dressing Up

    Maybe about the psycology of fashion?

  216. A Complete Publishing System with WordPress

    WordPress + Google Docs makes it more complete.

  217. Accessibility is Not a Checklist

    There’s more to accessibility than a list of standards.

  218. The Web Can Cost a Little Bit

    I’m cool with paying for web services. No, really, I am.

  219. Why Facebook?

    Just why do brands send people to Facebook?

  220. Being Social Needs Real People

    Let’s see if people like people behind social media accounts?

  221. Anyone Can Work with WordPress

    A tutorial on building a theme in WordPress.

  222. Is the Future of the Web Social?

    If the future of the web is social, it can go go or bad.

  223. Extending WordPress Beyond

    A link post all about smarter development with WordPress.

  224. Signal Austin Conversation with Matt Mullenweg

    A link post to an interview about how blogging isn’t dead.

  225. The Newspaper of the Future

    The app for Apollo News looks cool.

  226. Code and Design

    It’s good to be a bit left brained and right brained.

  227. My Three Favorite Viral Videos

    Some favorite viral videos.

  228. Interactivity Defined

    How would you define interactivity?

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