Responsive Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

Accessibility is about providing good experiences for everyone, regardless of physical or mental abilities, gender, race, or language. It recognizes that we all have special needs—physical limitations, bandwidth limitations, device limitations—that may require us to experience the same interface in different ways.

Aaron Gustafson talks about how accessibility, responsive design and progressive enhancement blend together in Where Do We Go From Here?

Responsive Web Design is Five

Today, the idea of responsive web design turns five. An Event Apart posted about the anniversary of Ethan Marcotte’s talk in Seattle in 2010 where he first proposed the idea.

I listened to the talk today, which I hadn’t heard before. I remember first reading the canonical A List Apart article on the subject at my job when I first jumped into web work. My first thought? “I have to make this happen on our site.” As the anniversary post points out:

After that day, nothing in web design or development would ever be the same.