Goodbye Thematic

It’s bittersweet and slightly nostalgic to see the theme come to an end. When I launched the Tavern in 2009, I regularly linked to tutorials and articles published by [Ian] Stewart. I’m almost certain Thematic and its creator helped out a number of budding theme developers between 2008-2011. – Jeff Chandler in After Eight Years, Thematic […]

Meet Components

Today, Automattic’s Theme Team launched Components, a toolbox for taking your WordPress themes where you want them to go, faster. I’m really excited to work on Components because I believe it pushes theme development toward becoming more centered on who really uses themes – people. With Components, a theme developer gets a everything they need to create something focused on a particular use […]

Themes are for Users

This is an adaption of my talk for the 2015 WordCamp U.S. Download the PDF slides (23 MB) or view the talk on I love themes because they’re central to the WordPress experience. After they install WordPress, users view the front end of their site and start configuring their theme. Despite this, themes have become […]