Apple, Standards and the Open Web

Pointer Events have become a W3C recommendation, but it’s not all good news as Tim Kadlec points out in Apple’s Web?

Apple simply does not play well with other vendors when it comes to standardization. The same sort of things we once criticized Microsoft for doing long ago, we give Apple a pass on today. They’re very content to play in their own little sandbox all too often.

Has Apple become like the Microsoft of old?

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Minimalist Living, Starting Now

I started this year with simpler goals than in years past. Watching a documentary on the cost of human progress a few days ago has made me want to simplify even more. So I’m tacking some of the advice in this post on Zen Habits about simple living.

I’ve already made a list of my most important four to five priorities in life, created a simple to-do list system with Reminders, and knocked off 50-plus blogs from my Reader. Next up? My desk and workspace. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t take most of the weekend. :)