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  1. A Brief History of Web Design

    I want that intense, personal exploration and sharing back.

  2. How Future-Safe are Your Ideas?

    Hint, post on your own domain.

  3. Space Jam Forever

    One of my favorite historical websites.

  4. The Year of Accessibility in WordPress

    We made lots of progress this year.

  5. Steal This Talk

    Trust each other more and work together for far greater impact.

  6. Meet Twenty Sixteen

    The newest default WordPress theme has turned into one of my favorites.

  7. WordPress Core Contributor Streak

    Let’s keep this going.

  8. Remembering the Everyday Developer

    Pay attention to the raw materials, and tech yourself.

  9. A11y Weekly

    Okay, I’m starting a newsletter.

  10. My Life in Typefaces

    Mind the subtle difference between constraints and compromises.