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  1. Ad Hoc Accessibility Camp 2020

    A entire event centered on learning accessibility.

  2. Remembering Accessible Joe

    Joe taught me so much by what he created.

  3. The intersection of markup, content and context in accessibility

    I wrote a post for 24 A11y about context in accessibility.

  4. Joining Ad Hoc

    Diving into accessibility full time.

  5. A Leadership Toolkit

    A toolkit to help me function better as a leader.

  6. To Do List Iterations

    A real notebook helps.

  7. Why I Care About Accessibility

    You might not know I’m a twin.

  8. Good Accessibility Means Quality

    Why is accessibility not as exciting as say some new JavaScript hotness, CSS technique or [insert web thing]?

  9. Accessibility Answers: Is Safari Better than Chrome for Accessibility?

    Well, no.

  10. Better Conversations About Accessibility

    If you know accessibility and work with designers, design with them.