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  1. Kind Words

    Published on

    Slow down and speak kindly.

  2. Working with Kettlebells

    Published on

    I found my perfect workout tool.

  3. No One Actually Wants Accessibility

    Published on

    Check your priorities.

  4. Minimum Viable Blogging

    Published on

    Just give me a nice text box and some extras.

  5. Posts Without Titles

    Published on

    Still interesting to me for use on a personal site.

  6. AI + Thought Leader Accessibility

    Published on

    Try again, or maybe don't.

  7. Easy Websites

    Published on

    Someone, please ditch the heavy interfaces.

  8. Winging It

    Published on

    Cross those bridges.


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  1. Coding with Nova

    Published on

    Another switch in editors.

  2. Site Design, Circa 2023

    Published on

    Details around a new site design for, circa 2023.