The Most Important Takeaway from the Fake BP PR Twitter Account?

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Sure, everyone has different answers to that question.

My take? In social media, authenticity always wins out. You may be shaking your head here. After all, the fake BP PR account is fake. Not very authentic, but it’s real in a different sense. It brims with honesty.

Whomever tweets from BP Global PR (some reports have it as Mike Monteiro), they post the kind of messages and fuel the kind of dialogue that only existed in many people’s hearts and minds before the account existed. Whether you find the tweets humorous or not, the Twitter updates strike a nerve.

They do that because even though the account portrays fictional people behind a real company, those fictional people speak from the heart. In your social media practices, remember that just because you’re sending messages out into the ethos, real people are listening. Give them what they want: something real.

Update (09/12/2010): The Awl has reported that the person behind the fake BP PR Twitter account is comedian Josh Simpson.

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2 replies on “The Most Important Takeaway from the Fake BP PR Twitter Account?”

  1. Yeah, let’s stop spreading the rumor that Mike Monteiro is behind it… I actually know the people behind it and this nerd is trying to take credit for something that is not his brainchild.

    1. That’s why I worded the way I did. I could not find any other confirmed reports from news organizations, tech blogs or other sources that say it’s him. However, I did want to cite that particular reference. So it certainly stands as just a rumor at this point.

      If the people behind it come forward, I’ll be more than happy to give them credit.

      Thanks for reading, MS!

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