Accessibility Statement

I want anyone to be able to use this site, regardless of device, browser, network speed, or ability. This website strives to meet the level AA standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

This page describes some of the accessibility features on this site, and how I approach testing to ensure it works well. If you run into any issues while browsing the site, email me. I take accessibility seriously and will fix any issues as soon as I can.


Semantic HTML - Pages use:

  • semantic HTML elements like <header>, <main> and <footer> to aid in navigating the site.
  • logical heading structure.
  • properly labeled form fields.
  • alternative text for images.

Thoughtful design - The site design uses:

  • high contrast colors so it’s easier to read.
  • large type that respects zooming and font resizing.
  • responsive design, so the site works well on any screen size.

Testing - I tested this site with:

  • a keyboard to ensure it works well with a variety of user inputs.
  • accessibility testing tools, like axe and Wave, to help catch possible errors.
  • screen readers, including VoiceOver and NVDA, to ensure the site works as expected.

Send me feedback

If you run into any issues while browsing the site, email me.