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  1. Themers in a Photo – Grand Meetup, 2016 Edition

    What a silly team.

  2. Skywalk Trail on Rainbow Mountain

    One long hike.

  3. Automattic Grand Meetup 2016

    Automattic Grand Meetup no. three.

  4. We’re the Only Plane in the Sky

    An oral histpry worth reading.

  5. Hello Twenty Seventeen

    Whoa, I’m leading this thing.

  6. What We Look for in Themes for WordPress.com

    Have a better chance of getting a premium theme on WordPress.com.

  7. Introducing Theme User Experience Requirements

    Putting these best practices into your themes on WordPress.org and elsewhere means anyone using them will have an easier time getting to what they really want to do.

  8. What is React?

    What will React teach us?

  9. Hidden Expectations

    There’s always more beneath the surface.

  10. Now

    What if you hadn’t seen someone for a year. How would you answer what you were doing now?