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  1. Contributing to Twenty Seventeen

    Sami shares some good advice.

  2. The Power of the Web

    Progressive enhancement, like most principles on the Web doesn’t have an always-optimal approach.

  3. 2017

    A few thoughts on the new year.

  4. Signs You May be a Designer

    It’s me.

  5. Dear Twenty Seventeen Contributors

    Thank you everyone!

  6. WordCamp US 2016

    WordCamp US number two.

  7. JavaScript Community: The Good Parts

    Let’s get practical for a bit.

  8. Chasing Tools

    Use what works for you.

  9. Behind the Scenes of WordPress.com Themes with David Kennedy

    A peek at what I do at WordPress.com with WordPress themes.

  10. Twenty Seventeen in Trunk

    Look out, committing in WordPress.