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7 Free Tools for Creating Multimedia Websites

Published on by David A. Kennedy

We all like free. Love it even.

And we value saving time much more, especially when building multimedia experiences. So here are a seven free tools that I’ve found indispensable:

  1. Kuler: Adobe’s color selection tool makes experimenting and picking colors for projects fun and easy.
  2. Firebug: Inspect and edit HTML in real time. Perfect for experimenting.
  3. W3 Schools: A site packed with great web development tutorials. Learning CSS was much easier with these at my disposal.
  4. Kirupa: I just recently discovered this site, chock full of resources for all things Flash.
  5. Twitter Lists: I am a big fan of Twitter Lists. Follow these two I made if you want insights from creative people and interactive media professionals.
  6. Smashing Magazine: The thing I enjoy most about Smashing Mag is that it always leads me to new and exciting things on the web.
  7. My Delicious: Want more links and resources from me. Check out my Delicious profile.

Image by Ales Nesetril.

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