A Guide to Parenting

Published on by David A. Kennedy

One of my fellow Automatticians announced today that he and his wife expect a baby in the coming months. I’m thrilled for him. They have an amazing journey ahead. Part of our conversation included my guide to parenting, in four easy steps!

You will be entering a period where everyone you talk to, strangers included, will give you advice about being a parent. So I will give you mine. 🙂

  1. Accept that you know nothing, and be okay with that. Every day is a learning opportunity. Iterate.
  2. Talk to your wife; a lot; Constantly; Good communication really helped us get through all the unknowns and known unknowns. After you talk to her, thank her for what she’s doing – do that at least once a day.
  3. Have fun. Even when you get baby poop on you, it will be okay!
  4. If anyone tells you to save up on your sleep now, punch them in the face. It is not possible to “save” sleep.

Maybe this will help you too!

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