Accessible Zen Hits 1.0

Published on by David A. Kennedy

I set out to create an accessible WordPress theme more than a year ago. After starts, stops, designs revisions and 140 commits to Github, I’ve submitted Accessible Zen to the WordPress Theme Repository.


It’s not approved and in the repository yet, but it’s one step closer. Here are the details of the latest release:

Now What?

The WordPress Theme Review team will look at the theme and provide any feedback needed to improve the theme. I’ll make those changes and release them as necessary. Plus, when the accessibility-ready tag is implemented on, I’ll apply that to the theme as well.

And I have more accessible WordPress themes coming via the Cities project. 🙂

I’ve hit 1.0, but I still would love to hear what you think! You can submit feedback on the Github issues section, or by emailing me at

Read more about Accessible Zen, download the latest version or view the demo.

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