Being a Dad

Published on by David A. Kennedy

A few days ago, my daughter turned eight weeks old. So naturally, that qualifies me to write a post about being a dad.

Most of what I’ve learned and experienced isn’t anything new to most dads, only new to me. But maybe you’ll find some of this helpful or humorous.

What I know:

  • The first two days and first six weeks are the toughest.
  • My wife is amazing and I’m constantly in awe of what she did and what she continues to do.
  • One cannot store up on sleep before the baby arrives. People say things like, “Get your sleep now.” It doesn’t apply.

What surprised me:

  • Caring for a baby isn’t that hard with a bit of patience, logic and love.
  • Babies make loud noises in many ways.
  • Just how fast she has grown. That shouldn’t surprise me!

What I love:

  • Rolling over in the morning and seeing her face.
  • Having her fall asleep on me.
  • The way she grunts when waking up.
  • Also, sometimes I think she tries to get up from my lap, her bouncy seat or the bed. I have a feeling she has big plans.

When I look at her face and she stares at me with those big eyes, I imagine her saving up all the things she’ll say to me in the future. I know I won’t have all the answers, but I hope to have a few. Being a dad is the most important thing I’ll do. I’m excited for what’s always new and just around the corner.

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