A Creative Way to Use Delicious

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Remember when people doubted the future of Delicious? Seems like just yesterday.

But then, the founders of YouTube bought the popular bookmarking service and its future seems more concrete. Many web-savvy, bookmarking-hungry users still employ Delicious as an online bookmarks manager. But there are other, creative uses too.

Let’s say, you’re a small business, nonprofit or anyone who needs a way to catalog online links or media stories written about you. Enter Delicious. With Delicious, you can bookmarks links and catalog them by creating different tags, which can be read via RSS. You can then send those feeds (however many you’d like to) to a page on your website.

Getting Creative

Boom. Instant news/media center. It’s a simple, quick and effective way to collect those important mentions about your brand in one place. Plus, you can use the good ones as links for Twitter, Facebook, your blog and other social media platforms. Check out the page we built where I work – The Arc.

For us, Delicious fills the gaps between tweet, save and archive. We know that everything will be cataloged somewhere, and we can be selective about what we share via social media, concentrating on the good stuff. Plus, with the export options that Delicious provides, you know that you’ll always have our bookmarks in one form or another.

And You?

What other ways have you used Delicious? Let me know.

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