Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience

Published on by David A. Kennedy

In his talk at Open Web Camp 2015 called Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience, Christian Heilmann has a lot of great messages for web developers. It’s just too many to list here, so you should give the talk a listen.

The big takeaway I got from it? The web is the web. Unique. It’s not native, or like anything else. It’s designed to work independent of hardware, software, ability or location. How can you not be excited by that? Sure, there’s a lot to fix, and make better, but that just means you’ll find many places to make a difference. Instead of worrying about tools first, think of the user. It doesn’t matter if your build process is simple and efficient if the user doesn’t see a benefit as well. We can make the web better – together. One project at a time.

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