First Grand Meetup

Published on by David A. Kennedy

I attended my first Grand Meetup at Automattic last week. I recently joined, so the first day of the meetup was also my official first day at Automattic.

I had a blast and met a lot of Automatticians, something that’s extra special in a remote company during the first week of work. 🙂 I loved working on projects with new teammates and listening to a variety of Flash talks by my new colleagues. Flash talk topics included professional wrestling, Yo-yo-ing, Data Centers, My Guitars and many more.

I did make one rookie mistake though: I forgot my DSLR camera, a Canon 20D. So the gallery below is a few shots from my iPhone 5 camera.

A view of the shops and restaurants inside Canyons Resort.
Trying to line up for the company photo.
Team 14 working late on a project.
Team 14 discussing technical stuff.
Team 14: Jeff Golenski, Velda Christensen, Enej Bajgoric, David Murphy and myself.
A visit to the Uinta Brewing Company.
There's beer in those barrels.
A close up of a beer barrel.
One of the processing areas for brewing.
One of the Uinta Brewing Company signs.
Baba, a black lager, is one of the beers that Uinta makes. Displayed on a sign.
Baba, a black lager in cans, is one of the beers that Uinta makes.
Palettes of beer ready to be shipped.

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