From Community Generosity to a Full-Time Job

Published on by David A. Kennedy

One video game artist, Bryan Shannon found a new way to make a living in video games – using one of my favorite, new games:

Right now, 233 members of the Cities: Skylines community are paying him to create new content for the game, to the tune of $735 per building created. He’s not working for a developer, and he’s not working for himself; instead, he’s working for a small subset of devoted Cities: Skylines players that want to share his work with the world.

Check out How a Cities: Skylines modder turned community generosity into a full-time job for the full story. I haven’t tried out any of the modding portions of Cities yet, but I imagine I will once my city becomes larger. I could see modding as adding the final touches to a masterpiece or as a way to show your personal style.

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