Experiment: I Quit Coffee

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Okay, so that’s not entirely true. I just drink decaf now.

I wrote recently about wanting to experiment more in 2017, and this turned into the first one. I started this late last year, and have stuck to it so far.

I had help. My wife, Joeleen, quit regular coffee when she found out she was pregnant with our daughter. I wanted to follow her, but never had the guts to take the leap. Two-plus years later, I hated how I felt when I missed getting my regular coffee. I got headaches, and felt horrible – all expected when you’re hooked on caffeine.

I’ve been on decaf for a month now, tapering off slowly by mixing decaf with my regular blend when grinding beans each morning. I don’t miss it because I still get that ritual of drinking coffee. Plus, I’m drinking less coffee, and trying out tea occasionally too.

This isn’t the biggest or most ground-breaking personal experiment. But it has given me the freedom to try other beverages, and feel better if I miss my morning cup of joe. I’m hoping to stick with it.

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