Number 34

Published on by David A. Kennedy

I turned 34 on Saturday.

That’s kind of crazy. I don’t feel any any older. I never do, but I do feel more balanced and focused. That’s refreshing. Maybe that’s what wisdom feels like?

I realized that I never wrote a New Year’s post, something I’ve done each of the last two years. Today seemed like a good time to catch up on self reflection, plus I always enjoy reading Matt Mullenweg’s birthday posts. So here goes…

Code City

Professionally, I’ve never felt so excited about what’s next than right now. I started the new year with a new job. I’m writing more code, working on two WordPress themes (to be released soon), contributing to the Make WordPress Accessible group, and diving deeper into the accessibility community.

When I first jumped into the web field I was intimidated. It looked difficult to find a niche, a place where I could make a difference. After all, the web offers a lot of opportunities to make it better, but so many talented folks are already in those spaces doing amazing things. Where does someone new fit? It takes time as I discovered. Now, I feel like I finally found my fit in the WordPress and accessibility communities.

Gutcheck Time!

What I loved most about running cross country and track in high school was the mental challenge and the camaraderie among my teammates. During tough interval workouts, I used to yell, “What time is it? GUTCHECK time!” It turned into a rallying cry for our team.

I tried to keep running after I graduated, but I never stuck with it because I missed the people. Last year I started CrossFit and have been doing it ever since.

I love how CrossFit pushes you and your body in every way possible. A few weeks ago I did my first rope climb. Plus, when your fighting your way through a workout, you always have someone over your shoulder with words of encouragement – like that rallying cry I use to yell. It’s the new cross country and track for me.

This Year

I want to build on my progress:

  • Release the two accessible WordPress themes I’m working on.
  • Finish the three goals on the whiteboard at my gym: 1. Complete my first rope climb. (Done!) 2. Deadlift 225 lbs. 3. Perform my first double-under.
  • Write more on my blog.
  • Keep reading more.

That’s it. I’m trying to simplify my goals more than in years past. See you in my mid-thirties.

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