Posts Without Titles

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Yes, this post has one, although I’ve toyed with not having them in the past.

Chris Coyier blogged about this recently in a post without a title:

I would encourage any service having anything to do with RSS to support title-less entires nicely. In a lot of cases, the title just… not being there seems like it could work. Be designers!

I agree, but accessibility challenges can pop up without titles. What’s your <h1> for the post? A missing level one heading means people who use screen readers and other assistive technology may struggle to know the post’s topic. You could solve that in creative ways, like using dates as a replacement in a RSS reader or on a site.

I experimented with having a note-like format for posts on this site recently. However, I found I didn’t write a lot of notes because I want a web editor for those posts. A place were I can log in quick and dash a few thoughts off. That proves more difficult with a static site minus an editor.

I might explore this again though. I want to blog more this year, and finding a way to post short notes with an editor could remove friction. There’s something pleasant about Kottke-style short posts.

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