Social Media: What's on the Menu?

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Social media for non-profits and small organizations can be daunting.

How do you convince your co-workers it’s worth it? How do you approach creating content? What are some best practices for Facebook and Twitter?

Casey Golden, Bethany Stevens and I tried to answer some of those questions today. Casey is the founder and managing partner of the Small Act Network, a creative agency specializing in social media and software for non-profits. Bethany is faculty member and policy analyst at the Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University.

Our presentations were a part of the 2010 Association of University Centers on Disabilities Annual Meeting and Conference. Casey focused on a broad overview of social media, how it works and why it’s powerful. I centered my presentation on forming a process for creating social media content, and Bethany talked about Facebook and the best practices for that space.

We had a great audience, and lots of participation. See my talking points by viewing the PowerPoint presentation here. You might find some of the information helpful as you and/or your organization dives into social media.

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