Why Every Story Needs a Revision

Published on by David A. Kennedy

We all create stories that need help. A lot of help. Major revision help.

You might call it failing. But sometimes, if we’re smart about it, we can turn failure into success. Or use it as a teaching tool and momentum builder for the future.

Completing a rough first draft of a story, whether it’s a storyboard for a promo video, copy for a retail site or a multimedia journalism piece, is not the end of the world.


Because with a good story, it’s all about creativity and change.

Embrace the Word Revise

No matter what kind of a piece you’re working on, you must go through revisions.

When someone gives you feedback says they want to see this or that different in your story – don’t see it as a failure. See it as an opportunity.

A Chance to Grow

Each revision represents a chance for you to make yourself better. If you have to take a piece through six revisions, then you have a prime opportunity take the skills you’re using to the next level.

Yes, clients and the people you trust to give you feedback may not always give you the type of criticism you want, but that happens to us all. Many people see this criticism as failure.


No matter how many storyboards, photo edits, text edits, design layouts, etc. you go through, expect and accept revisions.

Once you do, your final story will become much more satisfying and failure will cease to exist. And in the end, not only will your story be better, but you will too.

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