To Like? That is the Facebook Question

Tumbs Up imageWhat’s the last thing you liked?

Oh come on, you know what I’m talking about. On Facebook ā€“ what’s the last thing you liked? Maybe it was a sport, like kayaking, which does have its own Facebook Page, thanks Facebook launching Community Pages earlier this year. But do you really like that? Or did you just opt into it when Facebook launched its new feature?

That happened with me, and I went back later and deleted many of the movies and hobbies that were linked to those Community Pages. I didn’t think these lame community pages added any value to my Facebook profile. That got me thinking, “What makes us like a page?”

Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang has assembled an excellent presentation on successful strategies for Facebook Page marketing. See the document embedded below.

The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing more documents from Jeremiah Owyang.

His strategies are solid, and organizations of any kind would be smart to use them. It leads back to my main question though, and the fact that what makes us like a page is different for everyone. As the web moves forward at its blistering pace, we’ll continue to see an emphasis on personalization. Organizations must create content that engages their audience, as its the most important connection they’ll make.

Here’s what makes me like a Facebook Page:

  1. I’m involved or have been involved with the company or organization.
  2. I stand behind the company or organization’s products and/or mission.
  3. I enjoy the content I get from the page.

What makes you like a page?

Image by Brokenarts.