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  1. What to Consider When the Platforms Show Up with Money

    Social networks can’t replace your own domain.

  2. Social Media as Resistance

    This social media stuff might be bad for actually getting work done.

  3. Us as Media Channels

    Attention is money.

  4. The Secret is There is No Social Media

    Social media is just the regular web.

  5. Social Media Profiles and Choices

    Social media has too many choices for sure.

  6. Create an On Deck Circle for Social Media

    Using Google Reader to find links for social sharing.

  7. Social Networking and Competition

    I’m wondering if competition will help social media?

  8. Facebook Changes and Nonprofits

    What managing social media on Facebook might mean for your organization, thanks to recent changes.

  9. Disasters, Twitter and Social Media

    Participating in a newsy event on Twitter is a bit surreal.

  10. Thoughts on Google Plus

    Wonder if this Google Plus thing will work?

  11. A Creative Way to Use Delicious

    One interesting way to use a bookmarking service for not bookmarking.

  12. Is the Future of the Web Social?

    If the future of the web is social, it can go go or bad.

  13. Social Media: What’s on the Menu?

    I took part in a panrl about social media in the nonprofit space.

  14. My Reasons for a Social Media Shuffle

    I recently purged a lot of my social media profiles, circa 2010.

  15. To Like? That is the Facebook Question

    What makes you like a page on Facebook? This is how I see it.

  16. Posterous vs. Tumblr: How to Decide in Three Steps

    Some advantages and disadvantages for the popular blogging services.

  17. The Most Important Takeaway from the Fake BP PR Twitter Account?

    One of the first popular parody social media accounts sets a standard.

  18. How Does an Engagement Editor Engage?

    Just what would an engagement editor do?

  19. My Favorite New Social Media Tool

    Why I liked Hootsuite for managing social media.

  20. How to Use Social Media to Tell Your Story

    Storytelling can fit into social media too. Here are three tips.

  21. Three Ways Social Media and Storytelling are Alike

    Social media and story telling have more in common than you might think.

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