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I believe writers aren’t born, they’re made. Word by word.

Lately, a few people I read/follow have taken 30-day blogging challenges. It’s got me thinking: Could I blog for 30 days or more? I’m about to find out. During November, I’m going to try to blog every day.

I think I can do it. I’ve blogged more recently, including 20 out of 30 days so far in October. I’m not going to do anything fancy: just use WordPress and Simplenote. Here are my rules:

  1. Posts must be to this blog.
  2. They can be scheduled ahead of time.
  3. They can take any format or length.

We’ll see if I make myself a writer. 🙂

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I work as a Senior UX Designer at Ad Hoc, focusing on accessibility.

One reply on “Blogging Every Day”

  1. Hello Mr. Kennedy,

    Good luck with your blog every day challenge for November. 🙂

    I have blogged every day for about one year and three months so far, it is pretty easy when you are blogging about something that is consistent in your life, and for me that is dreams (the kind that you have when you are sleeping).

    Most of us dream every day/night (even if we do not remember our dreams), so I type what I remember of my dreams each day, and I have been doing this long enough (seven years) that my dream recall has improved so much that I remember at least part of one dream every day/night because I have trained myself through making it a habit by blogging my dreams often (now everyday) which seems to let your brain/subconscious know that dreams are important enough to try to remember them so my brain/subconscious automatically remembers some details from my dreams for me now usually.

    My advice to you would be to simply find things that are consistent in your life to blog about each day (at least for days that you do not know what to blog about), set the intention to blog everyday no matter how small/short/simple/et cetera it is (this can be done by reminders written and non-written, and even by literally telling yourself that you will blog each day until you no longer need to remind yourself), and eventually it will become a habit/easy/automatic/et cetera.

    There will be days where you do not feel like blogging, my advice is to keep reminding yourself to blog during those days throughout the day, and wait for an opening during those days where you feel good enough or neutral enough to blog; and then quickly start blogging before the feelings of not blogging start back again.

    So far this has been working for me, and maybe it will work for you.

    Good luck 😉 ,
    -John Jr

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