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  1. To Do List Iterations

    A real notebook helps.

  2. Why I Care About Accessibility

    You might not know I’m a twin.

  3. 2019

    Even more focus this year.

  4. 2018

    Focusing on less.

  5. Quitting the Internet

    Cutting back.

  6. Running, Again – Maybe

    Trying this again.

  7. Number 38

    Another year around the sun.

  8. The Story of One New Bathroom Fan

    It has a happy ending.

  9. Jan. 20, 2017


  10. Experiment: I Quit Coffee

    So long, Joe.

  11. 2017

    A few thoughts on the new year.

  12. Pulse

    The change starts with listening.

  13. Finding Home

    Moving again, for good reason.

  14. Number 37

    I turned 37, and posted a few thoughts about it.

  15. More Parenting Advice, Sorry

    A flow chart, of sorts.

  16. 2016

    A few goals for the year of 2016.

  17. My Still Missing Reading Habit

    Missing my reading via commute.

  18. A Guide to Parenting

    It’s not possible to save sleep.

  19. Skye is One

    My perspective has become clearer and tighter.

  20. Where Home Is

    Home happens where you are.

  21. Explaining Web Design

    What is it that I do?

  22. Hey, Killer by Local H

    Bringing back the fun.

  23. The Setup, 2015

    Some of the stuff I use every day, circa 2015.

  24. My Missing Reading Habit

    Let’s see if a strategy will help.

  25. A Text Playlist

    A few of my favorite collections of words.

  26. Back to CrossFit

    Oh deadlifts, I missed you.

  27. Before his Time: Harry T. Moore

    Would you have the same courage?

  28. Number 36

    Reflecting on turning 36.

  29. Taking Control of Your Computing Life

    Control is a good thing.

  30. Minimalist Living, Starting Now

    On to simple living.

  31. The 5:01 Mile

    It’s the meaning of a tattoo I have.

  32. Saying Goodbye

  33. My Habits for 2015

    Laying out some goals for 2015.

  34. New Holiday Traditions

    Trying out something new with the family.

  35. What I Learned Blogging 34 Straight Days

    I’ve never blogged so much before.

  36. Blogging Dreams

    Thirty-four straight days!

  37. Happy Birthday Skye

    My daughter is growing fast.

  38. Hobbies and Screens

    I need to get off these screens.

  39. Fatherhood, Family and Work

    Some things still haven’t evolved.

  40. Blogging Every Day

    Taking on a writing challenge.

  41. Why

    How’s switching to a few weeks after the switch.

  42. Your Life Purpose

    It’s more about taking action than anything.

  43. Moved to

    Moving house around here.

  44. IndieWeb Member

    Tinkering with taking control of all the things.

  45. Being a Dad

    Figuring out dad life.

  46. This Blog

    Giving this blog a proper introduction.

  47. WordPress as a User

    Trying to take a different approach with some recent WordPress sites.

  48. Hello 2014

    Some goals for 2014.

  49. Hello Accessible Zen

    It’s only right that I use the theme I made.

  50. Moving to

    Thinking of making a big hosting move.

  51. So Long Gmail

    Let’s see how this goes.

  52. Hello CrossFit, It’s Been One Year

    Doing this CrossFit thing for awhile.

  53. Number 34

    A post on my birthday about the last year.

  54. Next Year, More Goals

    Hello 2012.

  55. Dead Blogs, Blogging and Getting Better

    Talking about my too many blogs.

  56. Music, CDs, Spotify and Valuable Content

    Trying out this Spotify thing.

  57. Six Things I’ve Learned and/or Relearned Since Grad School

    Grad school didn’t mean the end to learning, of course.

  58. DK WordPress Theme 3.0

    My latest site redesign, using a WordPress child theme.

  59. New Year, New Goals

    Some goals for the new year.

  60. Feedback Anyone?

    Some students critiqued my website. Feedback is awesome.

  61. My Reasons for a Social Media Shuffle

    I recently purged a lot of my social media profiles, circa 2010.

  62. Here’s My Media Diet

    A bit about what I’m reading, watching, listening to, etc.

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