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  1. Ad Hoc's Accessibility Playbook

    Published on

    We have plays, and counterplays.

  2. Iteration vs. Big Splash

    Published on

    Take it one step at a time. With a plan.


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  1. On Reading

    Published on

    I made reading a habit, finally.

  2. Beyond the Screen Reader

    Published on

    There's more to accessibility than screen readers, but where do you go next?

  3. Accessibility Lasts

    Published on

    If your digital work fades away, what keeps you doing the work?

  4. When to Manage Focus in an Accessible Way

    Published on

    Don't drop the baton, as in don't let people lose their place in your digital experience.

  5. New and Improved Accessibility Weekly, 2021 Edition

    Published on

    All the accessibility links that are fit to curate.


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  1. On Beginning in the Web Field

    Published on

    The important takeaways after a decade in the web field.

  2. Goodbye Accessible Zen

    Published on

    Letting an important side project go.

  3. New Design, New Architecture

    Published on

    Details around a new site design for davidakennedy.com, circa 2020.