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  1. Be the Leader You Wish You Had

    Fan the flames.

  2. Coding with VS Code

    I confess, I switched editors again.

  3. Listen, Learn… Then Lead

    Iteration can happen anywhere.

  4. Work on the Right Thing


  5. 2018

    Focusing on less.

  6. Theme Team in Hawaii, 2017

    Styling in Hawaii.

  7. The Promise of Gutenberg: Themes as More Design, Less Baggage

    This changes everything.

  8. Goodbye Firebug

    This tool helped me learn so much about HTML and CSS.

  9. Staying Positive When Your Product Causes Pain

    Look for the wins too.

  10. Themers in a Photo – Grand Meetup, 2017 Edition

    Another visit to the mountains of Canada.