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  1. Accessibility Weekly Featured in WebAIM August 2017 Newsletter

    Meta goal reached.

  2. Automattic Grand Meetup 2017

    Back in the mountains.

  3. Quitting the Internet

    Cutting back.

  4. The Next Chapter for Themes

    Customers want their sites to look just right. They don’t want to learn a theme.

  5. Running, Again – Maybe

    Trying this again.

  6. Focusing on What Matters

    Don’t ignore what matters: accessibility, performance and security.

  7. The Future of Underscores

    Things look bright for one of my favorite open source projects.

  8. WordCamp Europe 2017 + Community Summit

    My first WordCamp Europe.

  9. The Future of Accessibility Weekly

    Okay, let’s make this really weekly.

  10. Theme Team in Montréal, 2017

    Pass the poutine.