The Ultimate Blogging Resource List

Published on by David A. Kennedy

You can never have enough resources when it comes to blogging.

I put this list together about three weeks ago for a presentation on vs. Blogger. The meat of the content was guided by this great post, comparing and Blogger.

However, I wanted to give people something more to guide their blogging adventures. That ignited this list of varied resources that I turn to every day when blogging.

Some contain advice, some lead to tools and some help you produce content. Become aquatinted with them, use them and your blogging will improve in no time.

Blog Tips and Tricks

  • Pro Blogger – This is the blogger’s bible. One of Technorati’s Top 100 blogs, this site is full of everything you’d want to know about blogging.
  • Copy Blogger – A blog centered on writing and online marketing. Has a great set of resources, located in the left nav of the site.
  • Pro Blog Design – A blog all about design.
  • Blog to Great – Another tips and tricks blog that includes a lot about monetizing your blog.
  • Blogging Tips – Because you can never have enough tips.

Sites to Help You Blog Better

  • Technorati – The most popular blog search engine. List your blog here!
  • Feedburner – A site owned by Google, so it ties into your Google account. It allows you to burn a RSS feed of your blog, monitor it and implement various tools to maintain and optimize your blog.
  • SEO Book – Run by SEO guru Aaron Wall – this site and blog is chock full of SEO knowledge.
  • SEO Moz – Another site and blog geared toward learning and keeping up with SEO. One of the most well respected SEO firms. Check out their Beginner’s Guide to SEO!
  • Free Foto – Free photo website.
  • Free Digital Photos – Another free photo site.
  • SXC – More free photos – this one is a favorite.
  • Blogs of Note – Google spotlights blogs that use Blogger. Always amazed at the creativity out there – this one is good for inspiration.
  • 99 Greatest Blogs You Aren’t Reading – A great list of blogs compiled by Mark Luckie. Many of them fall into the realm of interactive media. Check 'em out.

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