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Published on by David A. Kennedy

Yesterday, I moved my this site to

I talked about possibly doing that awhile ago, but since I joined Automattic a few weeks ago, I decided to take the leap. Why? Because it’s important to use the thing you help make. Dogfooding, as it’s called. 🙂 I believe it will help me make even better than before.

I initially worried about making such a move. I really like to tinker with my site, and being on means I can’t create my own custom themes, mess with template files or install my own plugins. But maybe that means I’ll write more. I’ve picked up the pace recently so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months.

Also, about the whole theme thing: I’m thrilled I get to create themes for now and want to switch themes more often. Experiment in different ways with what has to offer. Quick experiments are harder to do for any designer/developer on their own site when they can do anything. A few constraints here and there can push creativity. We’ll see how it goes!

Current Theme

I made a few simple CSS tweaks to Twenty Thirteen to make it even more accessibility-friendly, even though it already carries the accessibility-ready tag. Plus, some of them are just my personal preference. You can check them out on the Github repository, Twenty Thirteen A11y Plus. The readme file has instructions on how to use the theme on both and Happy blogging!

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