Oneforone: Who Would You Add?

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Finding people who truly inspire you can be hard these days. Much less, real people who you might meet in your field that come from diverse backgrounds.

That may get easier. 🙂

Oneforone is a game where you pick an inspiring hotshot in your field to add to a list, but people can see who you’ve selected and the whole idea is to pick people from underrepresented groups. Created by Deanna Zandt, Melissa Pierce and Andrew Rasiej, the Tech Lady Mafia has a version of the game going for Ada Lovelace Day (hint: that’s today!).

Who would you add? I added someone who I worked with at The Arc that inspires me.

You can add a name by forking the repo and editing the names.yml file, or by submitting an issue on the repo.

You can read more about the nexus of the game here. I bet this list will be one to watch!

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