WordPress Posts vs. Pages: When and Why?

Published on by David A. Kennedy

When you start developing a WordPress site, you always have to answer a question. Will I put my content in via posts or pages?

Most people opt for pages, but you shouldn’t overlook the power of cataloging your content with posts. Here are some guidelines that will help determine which option you should choose:

Go with Pages

  • If you’re creating a simple site with 30 pages or less.
  • If you just need a “news” or “blog” section, combined with mostly static content.
  • If you’re not planning on updating site content often.
  • If you’re not concerned about connecting or categorizing content in some way.

Go with Posts

  • If you plan on updating content constantly.
  • If you need multiple “buckets” or post types to hold your content.
  • If you need custom ways to categorize your post types with taxonomies.
  • If you need to take advantage of some of WordPress’ other features, like Custom Fields or Post Formats.


Of course, you can always use a combination of the two, and most sites that rely on WordPress as a content management system do. The trick is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each option, and thinking through how your site needs to work.

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