Meet Components

Today, Automattic’s Theme Team launched Components, a toolbox for taking your WordPress themes where you want them to go, faster. I’m really excited to work on Components because I believe it pushes theme development toward becoming more centered on who really uses themes – people. With Components, a theme developer gets a everything they need to create something focused on a particular use […]

A11y Weekly Launched

About a month ago, I started chipping away at a simple idea: launching a weekly newsletter about accessibility. I put it live quietly over the weekend. If you’re interested in getting to know and keeping up with the accessibility world, you should sign up. Just visit and fill in your email. I’ll send out the […]

One Year at Automattic

Since I was 13, I wanted to be a writer. I became one, spending part of my career writing for newspapers, magazines, corporations and nonprofits. But then I found the Web and everything changed. One year ago today I joined a company called Automattic, with its mission to making the Web a better place. We make, and […]