A page detailing what I’m focused on at the moment. I’ll update it when things change.

I’m currently:


In February, I transitioned to a new team within the Department of Veteran Affairs while at Ad Hoc. I’m still plugging away as a UX designer, but now working with the team that handles healthcare applications for Veterans and caregivers. It’s rewarding work. I’m also still pitching in on accessibility efforts and managing and mentoring other designers.


I’m still reading a lot, as it’s my main hobby. This year, I’ll finish fewer books because I’m trying to read more real words through physical books and ebooks. I even joined a book club where I get a new physical book each month.

Hopes and Dreams

I’d like to start on one more hobby that isn’t connected to a screen and form a habit around it. Like finally picking up the guitar more regularly, or getting back to writing some haikus, which I started doing during the pandemic.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated: November 07 2023