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  1. Front End Design, WordPress Themes and the Future

    If you work on WordPress themes, your role will evolve.

  2. Coding with VS Code

    I confess, I switched editors again.

  3. Thoughts on Frontend Design

    What the heck do I do?

  4. Steal This Talk

    Trust each other more and work together for far greater impact.

  5. An Event Apart DC 2015: Day Two

    We need to challenge our assumptions.

  6. An Event Apart DC 2015: Day One

    A few key points from my first An Event Apart.

  7. Every Browser is the New IE (To Me)

    Different browsers make the Web fun.

  8. I Have No Idea What The Hell I’m Doing

    Lots of us feel the same way.

  9. Browser Testing

    It’s more simple than you think.

  10. The Ryanair Approach to Progressive Enhancement

    Use progressive enahancement as a reward.

  11. The True Cost of Progressive Enhancement

    There’s a difference between support and optimization.

  12. The Abundance of JavaScript Libraries

    What lies behind the library?

  13. Notes on Client-Rendered Accessibility

    Manage that focus, folks.

  14. A One Page App in One Day!

    Really, one day only?

  15. Accessibility Answers: How Do I Handle Alt Attributes

    Writing good alt text takes careful consideration.

  16. Accessibility Answers: Which Accessibility Problems Do I Fix First?

    You have to start somewhere.

  17. Everyone Has JavaScript, Right?

    Careful, okay?

  18. Tips for Surviving Google’s “Mobilegeddon”

    It’s about more than smaller screens.

  19. Accessibility is Not an Edge Case

    It’s for everybody.

  20. Vanilla JavaScript Resources

    Going framework-less.

  21. Accessibility and Low-Powered Devices

    Does your site or app work on a inexpensive phone or tablet?

  22. Accessibility Answers: How Do I Handle JavaScript and Accessibility

    JavaScript isn’t the enemy.

  23. ReactJS for Stupid People

    That title is off putting, but the information helps.

  24. Atom Editor

    Trying out a new code editor.

  25. A11y Wins Tumblr

    Yay, something positive in the accessibility community.

  26. News for Betty + Accessibility Hackathon

    Hacking for better accessibility.

  27. Web Accessibility Tutorials from the W3C

    These will be good.

  28. Accessibility Answers: What Can I Do Now for Better Accessibility?

    Make changes now for better accessibility.

  29. JavaScript Required; Didn’t Read.

    So much JS.

  30. A Skip Link Primer

    Often overlooked.

  31. Improving Single Page App Accessibility

    We can have the modern web and accessibility.

  32. Flipboard and the Mobile Web Dream

    Does mobile have to be like the web?

  33. Flipboard, React Canvas and Accessibility

    Form over function wins again.

  34. Accessibility Problems are Quality Problems

    Accessibility is about quality.

  35. On the Accessibility of Web Components – Again

    Just how accessible are web components?

  36. Screen Reader Tips for Web Designers and Developers

    Get started with a screen reader now.

  37. Developer Fitness

    We have to keep our developer fitness level as high as we can.

  38. Testing for Web Accessibility in 60 Seconds

    New to accessibility with no time. No problem, this can help.

  39. Good Coding Habits for Accessibility

    Quality often comes down to habits.

  40. WebAIM to Release Chrome Extension of Wave

    Nice to see one of my favorite add-ons/extensions hit Chrome.

  41. Icon Font Text Alternatives: Don’t Forget Them

    A tip when using font icons.

  42. A Workflow for Testing Web Accessibility with Free Tools

    How I test for accessibility with free tools.

  43. Effortless Style

    Styling without classes? What?

  44. Be a Better FED in 2013

    Talks to help you grow as a front ender.

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