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  1. When to Manage Focus in an Accessible Way

    Don’t drop the baton, as in don’t let people lose their place in your digital experience.

  2. The Intersection of Markup, Content and Context in Accessibility

    I wrote a post for 24 A11y about context in accessibility.

  3. Better Conversations About Accessibility

    If you know accessibility and work with designers, design with them.

  4. Inclusive Design: Whose Opportunity Is It?

    Your decisions can start impacting better design for everyone.

  5. Front End Design, WordPress Themes and the Future

    If you work on WordPress themes, your role will evolve.

  6. The Promise of Gutenberg: Themes as More Design, Less Baggage

    This changes everything.

  7. The Next Chapter for Themes

    Customers want their sites to look just right. They don’t want to learn a theme.

  8. The Future of Underscores

    Things look bright for one of my favorite open source projects.

  9. What We Look for in Themes for

    Have a better chance of getting a premium theme on

  10. Display a Featured, Featured Image in WordPress

    I wrote a tutorial about featured images on ThemeShaper.

  11. Learn More About Themes and User Experience

    WordPress themes are for users.

  12. Building a Strong Foundation with Keyboard Accessibility

    It all starts with your keyboard.

  13. Accessibility Is (Not) Scary

    I wrote a blog post on accessibility for Digital Gov.

  14. Up Your Theming Game by Reviewing Themes

    Get better by reviewing other people’s work.

  15. Featured in WebAIM November 2014 Newsletter

    Accessibility Tunnel Vision featured in the WebAIM newsletter.

  16. Featured in WebAIM September 2014 Newsletter

    One of my blog posts was featured in one of my favorite places on the web.

  17. Accessibility is War and How to Win It

    How to be an accessibility champion from within.

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