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  1. Focusing on What Matters

    Published on

    Don't ignore what matters: accessibility, performance and security.


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  1. Hidden Expectations

    Published on

    There's always more beneath the surface.

  2. Progressive Enhancement is

    Published on

    Progressive enhancement is quality.


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  1. Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People

    Published on

    A talk that touches on all the parts of the Web that we know have nearly limitless potential, but that we haven't yet figured out how to do well consistently.

  2. Google Plus and Web Performance

    Published on

    Watch your CSS size.

  3. Choosing Performance

    Published on

    It begins with culture.

  4. Accessibility and Low-Powered Devices

    Published on

    Does your site or app work on a inexpensive phone or tablet?

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