A 2013 WordPress Default Theme Pitch

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Aaron Jorbin writes about his goals for the Twenty Thirteen default WordPress theme. He envisions an accessibility first approach, saying:

Accessibility First would involve a few decisions to be made upfront:

  • Color choices with high contrast in mind from the start. This is one area that Twenty Twelve barely missed.
  • Color choices with multiple types of color deficiencies in mind since an estimated 10% of all males suffer from some form of color deficiency.
  • Making up for browser deficiencies, specifically the skipnav focus bug in webkit
  • Make sure that the design still looks beautiful when the font size is increased 200%
  • Following the Theme Accessibility Audit Draft Proposal

I love this approach, and taking Twenty Thirteen down this path would bring accessibility to the forefront not just in the WordPress community, but the web in general.

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