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  1. Accessibility Lasts

    If your digital work fades away, what keeps you doing the work?

  2. When to Manage Focus in an Accessible Way

    Don’t drop the baton, as in don’t let people lose their place in your digital experience.

  3. New and Improved Accessibility Weekly, 2021 Edition

    All the accessibility links that are fit to curate.

  4. Goodbye Accessible Zen

    Letting an important side project go.

  5. Remembering Accessible Joe

    Joe taught me so much by what he created.

  6. The Intersection of Markup, Content and Context in Accessibility

    I wrote a post for 24 A11y about context in accessibility.

  7. Joining Ad Hoc

    Diving into accessibility full time.

  8. Why I Care About Accessibility

    You might not know I’m a twin.

  9. Good Accessibility Means Quality

    Why is accessibility not as exciting as say some new JavaScript hotness, CSS technique or [insert web thing]?

  10. Accessibility Answers: Is Safari Better than Chrome for Accessibility?

    Well, no.

  11. Better Conversations About Accessibility

    If you know accessibility and work with designers, design with them.

  12. Inclusive Design: Whose Opportunity Is It?

    Your decisions can start impacting better design for everyone.

  13. Accessibility Weekly Featured in WebAIM August 2017 Newsletter

    Meta goal reached.

  14. Focusing on What Matters

    Don’t ignore what matters: accessibility, performance and security.

  15. The Future of Accessibility Weekly

    Okay, let’s make this really weekly.

  16. Is Accessibility Hard?

    Well, no. And yes. Let me explain.

  17. Hidden Expectations

    There’s always more beneath the surface.

  18. Accessible Zen: Version 1.2

    New version of Accessible Zen released.

  19. Don’t Use Slack? (Or Why Aren’t We Better at Accessibility?)

    Accessibility happens everywhere.

  20. Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People

    A talk that touches on all the parts of the Web that we know have nearly limitless potential, but that we haven’t yet figured out how to do well consistently.

  21. Accessibility Weekly: One Month In

    It’s happening!

  22. Accessible Zen Featured on

    Catching a bit of the spotlight.

  23. A11y Weekly Launched

    A newsletter to help bring accessibility into your everyday work.

  24. The Year of Accessibility in WordPress

    We made lots of progress this year.

  25. A11y Weekly

    Okay, I’m starting a newsletter.

  26. Featured in WebAIM July 2015 Newsletter

    I scored a hat trick on this.

  27. Teaching Accessibility

    Helping others learn how to improve the quality of what they create on the web.

  28. Practicing Web Accessibility Differently

    The impetus for most accessibility successes or failures falls into one or more of these three categories.

  29. Talking About Web Accessibility Differently

    Accessibility carries the same fluidity as the Web.

  30. Thinking About Web Accessibility Differently

    You already have what it takes to make the Web accessible.

  31. Five Goofy Things Medium Did That Broke Accessibility

    Let’s talk about accessibility more.

  32. Responsive Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

    These things help each other.

  33. A Journey Into Web Accessibility

    Don’t worry about knowing everything.

  34. A Manifesto for Accessible User Experience

    Look at accessibility through the lens of user experience.

  35. This Web App Best Viewed By Someone Else

    What we too often dismiss as edge cases are real people who may very much want or even legitimately need to use what we create.

  36. Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015!

    It’s a good day to learn about accessibility.

  37. How to Create Better, More Accessible WordPress Themes

    Detailed and thoughtful, plus it’s not as hard as you might think.

  38. Notes on Client-Rendered Accessibility

    Manage that focus, folks.

  39. A Woman with Usher Syndrome Reviews Her Apple Watch

    Accessibility features matter.

  40. Accessibility Answers: How Do I Handle Alt Attributes

    Writing good alt text takes careful consideration.

  41. Accessibility Answers: Which Accessibility Problems Do I Fix First?

    You have to start somewhere.

  42. Accessibility is Not an Edge Case

    It’s for everybody.

  43. Seven Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

    A useful list of tips.

  44. Let WordPress Speak

    This new API in WordPress helps people who use assistive technology in a huge way.

  45. Accessible Zen: Version 1.1.5

    New version of Accessible Zen released.

  46. Accessibility and Low-Powered Devices

    Does your site or app work on a inexpensive phone or tablet?

  47. Accessibility Answers: How Do I Handle JavaScript and Accessibility

    JavaScript isn’t the enemy.

  48. A11y Wins Tumblr

    Yay, something positive in the accessibility community.

  49. News for Betty + Accessibility Hackathon

    Hacking for better accessibility.

  50. Web Accessibility Tutorials from the W3C

    These will be good.

  51. Accessibility Answers: What Can I Do Now for Better Accessibility?

    Make changes now for better accessibility.

  52. Is This Venue Accessible?

    This is why I made an accessible WordPress theme.

  53. Accessible Theme Pattern Library Off and Running

    Building this thing one brick at a time.

  54. Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility

    The best magic show I know.

  55. A Skip Link Primer

    Often overlooked.

  56. Building a Strong Foundation with Keyboard Accessibility

    It all starts with your keyboard.

  57. Accessibility as a Framework

    Wait, this could be a good framework.

  58. Accessibility Originates With UX: A BBC iPlayer Case Study

    Design with choice in mind, and always give users control over the page.

  59. Riding a Bicycle to an Accessibility Conference

    It’s good to find your people.

  60. Improving Single Page App Accessibility

    We can have the modern web and accessibility.

  61. Accessibility Is (Not) Scary

    I wrote a blog post on accessibility for Digital Gov.

  62. Section 508 Update – Finally

    Section 508, meet WCAG 2.0.

  63. Flipboard and the Mobile Web Dream

    Does mobile have to be like the web?

  64. Flipboard, React Canvas and Accessibility

    Form over function wins again.

  65. Interactive WCAG 2.0

    Making WCAG a bit easier to digest.

  66. WordPress Theme Pattern Library for Accessibility in Development

    Making it easier to make accessible WordPress sites.

  67. Accessibility Problems are Quality Problems

    Accessibility is about quality.

  68. WordPress 4.1 “Dinah”

    I contributed a few things to this release.

  69. Testing Google’s ReCaptcha

    It shows some promise, but needs work.

  70. On the Accessibility of Web Components – Again

    Just how accessible are web components?

  71. Featured in WebAIM November 2014 Newsletter

    Accessibility Tunnel Vision featured in the WebAIM newsletter.

  72. Welcome to A11y

    If you’re new to accessibility, we need you.

  73. Google’s ReCaptcha

    Better than the original?

  74. Keep It Accessible and Responsive

    The web was born responsive.

  75. Accessibility in Your MVP

    Find your free throws.

  76. All Technology is Assistive

    Accessibility is everywhere.

  77. Not Accessible

    Storytelling can fit into social media too. Here are three tips.

  78. TEDx Videos and Captions Make Life Delicious

    More often than not, accessibility means independence.

  79. Screen Reader Tips for Web Designers and Developers

    Get started with a screen reader now.

  80. Accessibility Tunnel Vision

    Let’s work together to avoid this.

  81. Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with these Accessibility Resources

    Some of my favorite accessibility resources in a short list.

  82. Testing for Web Accessibility in 60 Seconds

    New to accessibility with no time. No problem, this can help.

  83. Good Coding Habits for Accessibility

    Quality often comes down to habits.

  84. An Open Letter to Apple Regarding Xcode’s Accessibility

    Xcode gets more accessible.

  85. Accessibility-Ready Intergalactic and Bosco Hit

    More accessible WordPress themes.

  86. WebAIM to Release Chrome Extension of Wave

    Nice to see one of my favorite add-ons/extensions hit Chrome.

  87. Accessible WordPress with Joe O’Connor

    Good to see WordPress accessibility getting some attention.

  88. WebAxe Podcast 100: Joe and Joseph on WordPress Accessibility

    Accessibility in WordPress gets some much deserved attention.

  89. Featured in WebAIM September 2014 Newsletter

    One of my blog posts was featured in one of my favorite places on the web.

  90. What I Make is Caring About Accessibility

    Putting a different spin on maker.

  91. An Accessible Web

    What an accessible web really means.

  92. Icon Font Text Alternatives: Don’t Forget Them

    A tip when using font icons.

  93. A Workflow for Testing Web Accessibility with Free Tools

    How I test for accessibility with free tools.

  94. Answer This

    Whether tiy support accessibility really is that simple.

  95. Now is the Perfect Time

    How making things accessible can lead to breakthroughs.

  96. Feature Misuse

    Markup in the wild is… bad.

  97. Speaking at Code(Her) 2014

    Time to teach testing for accessibility.

  98. Accessible Zen on ProfHacker

    Accessible Zen featured on an education blog.

  99. TinyLetter and a Big Win

    One fix at a time.

  100. First Multi-file WordPress Core Patch

    My first big patch for WordPress=

  101. Lessons from Building an Accessible WordPress Theme

    A summary of a talk I gave at WordCamp Lancaster in 2014.

  102. Accessible Zen: Now in French

    The first translation of my WordPress theme into a different language.

  103. Said This

    Strong opinion here.

  104. Recent Accessible Zen Updates

    Some minor updates to Accessible Zen.

  105. Where Automated Accessibility Testing Meets WordPress and Drupal

    All about automated testing, accessibility and how the Drupal and WordPress Accessibility teams are collaborating.

  106. WordCamp Lancaster 2014 Talk

    My first WordCamp, both as an attendee and speaker.

  107. Accessibility, Meet Facebook

    Some big technical challenges for accessibility.

  108. Accessible Zen Reaches 1.1

    Another release of Accessible Zen.

  109. Need a Menu on Top in Accessible Zen?

    A new feature for Accessible Zen.

  110. Updates to Accessible Zen Since 1.0

    More updates to Accessible Zen.

  111. Accessibility Camp DC 2013 Talk

    Time to share some of what I learned.

  112. Accessible Zen Hits 1.0

    Seems solid.

  113. Accessible Zen Reaches Beta

    Getting better with each release.

  114. Accessible Zen: Version 0.1-alpha-4 Available

    Another release on Accessible Zen.

  115. Accessibility is War and How to Win It

    How to be an accessibility champion from within.

  116. Why Accessibility Matters

    Short answer: Accessibility helps everyone.

  117. Accessible Zen: Version 0.1-alpha-3 Available

    Designing and bug fixing on Accessible Zen.

  118. Introducing Accessible Zen: An Accessible WordPress Theme

    I made a publicly available WordPress theme.

  119. Learn More About Web Accessibility

    Follow some good folks in the accessibility field via this Twitter list.

  120. A 2013 WordPress Default Theme Pitch

    Thoughts on the Twenty Thirteen default WordPress theme and accessibility.

  121. Progress in WordPress Accessibility

    Lots of great effort happening in the accessibility space in WordPress.

  122. Cities Made the Latest WebAxe Podcast

    Building accessible WordPress themes gains some momentum.

  123. Joining the Cities Project

    We need more accessible WordPress themes.

  124. Accessibility Certification

    A few good thoughts on a direction fot this wide, complex field.

  125. Accessibility: Why it Matters

    The slides for a presentation I gave on why accessibility is important.

  126. Accessibility is Not a Checklist

    There’s more to accessibility than a list of standards.

  127. Seven Things I Learned at Access U 2011

    Where I begin my journey into web accessibility.

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