Accessibility Lasts

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Digital experiences disappear.

This happens in a variety of ways. Links rot. Products get bought and/or retired. Redesigns pave over past work.

Pixels have a more ephemeral nature than other infrastructure or creative work we rely on. Books, movies, buildings, bridges and roads last longer. A book can impact someone years after its publish date. A bridge can serve as a focal and connection point for decades. Even centuries.

We often think of our digital experiences as important infrastructure. We may even consider it creative.

But if it fades away, what keeps you doing the work?

I’m a designer.

Designers don’t make art. Instead, we solve problems. We can do that in a creative way, but creativity alone is still fleeting.

I work in accessibility.

I do more than point out problems all day. I build culture. I do that creatively because that type of impact will last.

Find a way to make something that lasts.

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