Disasters, Twitter and Social Media

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Sometimes the Earth has to truly shake to make you realize something simple.

When the earthquake hit the East Coast Tuesday, I first thought construction workers outside my office building had fired up the jackhammer again. Not so. Once I felt the rumbling, I immediately turned to Twitter. The tweets flowed within seconds. It was a surreal experience. Why?

It was the first big event that I participated in on Twitter. I tweeted a few times, and then started reading, consuming… I noticed something:

  • Twitter fed me real time information after the quake.
  • Facebook let me talk about it with close friends and family, and communicate with them that I was okay.
  • Google Plus let me surf a wider network with deeper analysis and threaded comments.

I couldn’t get everything from one social media platform. That may not be earth shattering, but it’s worth thinking about.

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