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The Most Important Connection You'll Make

Published on by David A. Kennedy

Websites have become a more important aspect of multimedia storytelling than ever before.

Fancy websites rule.

Not just the ones with clean design, crisp copy and useful information. But the ones with buttons to push, videos to watch, games to play and places to leave comments. Who doesn’t want control these days?

You’d be surprised. Perhaps the answer is your audience.

Companies and individuals should embrace new media for the possibilities it offers, but they should also be mindful of the people who buy their products and services or consume their content.

Do they want to watch the videos, play the Flash games, exchange with you via social media? The most likely answer is yes and no.

Everyone is different. Know that and know your audience. They are the most important connection you’ ever make in the field of interactive media, and storytelling.

We all use interactive media, so keep that in mind when designing your websites and projects. Also, bend to the will of your fans. They matter.

Chances are, they want some control, but maybe not constant control. Do some research. Ask them. Maybe they love slideshows, but hate videos. Be willing to find out and enjoy getting to know them.

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger has some great advice on listening to your audience, if you even more information.

In interactive media, it’s all about choice. We usually give our audience plenty of choices. They can click on some photos. Read some text. Listen to a podcast. Watch a video. Play a game. The list goes on.

Don’t forget to give your audience a choice to be passive. Maybe they just want to soak it up and enjoy what you have to offer.

Your audience isn’t just your audience. In today’s evolving web, they are audience architects, building something special along with you. Don’t get too fancy on them.

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