Space Jam Forever

Rolling Stone has the story of how a ragtag group of young coders skirted the studio and created a pop culture sensation that’s still standing two decades later. Hint: it’s this. I loved reading this story, especially how they managed to get the site back online. Oh, and the early notes and ideas sketched on […]

My Life in Typefaces

Matthew Carter, the creator of the Georgia and Verdana fonts, talks about his life in typefaces. I love his thoughts on constraints versus compromises: The question is, does a constraint force a compromise? By accepting a constraint, are you working to a lower standard? I don’t believe so, and I’ve always been encouraged by something that Charles Eames said. He said […]

An Event Apart DC 2015: Day Two

Day two of An Event Apart DC 2015 kicked off with Brad Frost introducing us to a different way to create the pieces that make up the sites we build. As he went on, and speakers took the stage after him, I started to notice an overarching message forming from these separate presentations. We need to […]

The Gruen Effect

Maybe this answers the age old question of “Why do all [responsive] sites look the same?” You know the formula: Full bleed hero with call to action List of three or so features Email newsletter signup form Social media links in footer Maybe the Gruen Effect is secretly controlling Web Design. Dave Rupert talks about The Gruen Effect, […]