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  1. Joining Ad Hoc

    Published on

    Diving into accessibility full time.


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  1. Themers in a Photo – Grand Meetup, 2018 Edition

    Published on

    My people!

  2. Theme Team in Warsaw, 2018

    Published on

    Going deep on design.


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  1. Theme Team in Hawaii, 2017

    Published on

    Styling in Hawaii.

  2. Themers in a Photo – Grand Meetup, 2017 Edition

    Published on

    Another visit to the mountains of Canada.

  3. Theme Team in Montréal, 2017

    Published on

    Pass the poutine.

  4. Theme Team in Barcelona, 2016

    Published on

    A Theme Team meetup in Spain.


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  1. Behind the Scenes of WordPress.com Themes with David Kennedy

    Published on

    A peek at what I do at WordPress.com with WordPress themes.

  2. Themers in a Photo – Grand Meetup, 2016 Edition

    Published on

    What a silly team.

  3. Skywalk Trail on Rainbow Mountain

    Published on

    One long hike.

  4. ThemeShaper v. 2016

    Published on

    A new look for ThemeShaper.

  5. Theme Team in Vancouver, 2016

    Published on

    Last week, the Theme Team, my team at Automattic, spent the week in Vancouver.


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  1. Theme Wranglers in Lisbon, 2015

    Published on

    Some photos with fellow Theme Wranglers, my team at Automattic, in Lisbon Portugal.

  2. A Bunch of Themers in One Photo

    Published on

    My team takes good, silly photos.

  3. Park City, Utah

    Published on

    A few photos from a walk around Park City, Utah.

  4. The Holly Trail at Canyons Resort

    Published on

    A few photos from my hike yesterday of the Holly Trail at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

  5. One Year at Automattic

    Published on

    So far, so much fun at Automattic.

  6. Ten Years of Automattic

    Published on

    Been at this awhile.

  7. Inside Automattic's Remote Hiring Process

    Published on

    It's all about text.

  8. TDiv in Hawaii 2015

    Published on

    My first team meetup at Automattic in photos.


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  1. New Theme: Twenty Fifteen

    Published on

    There's a new default WordPress theme.

  2. My Automattic Story: How I Got Here

    Published on

    How I landed at Automattic, and what I learned along the way.

  3. First Grand Meetup

    Published on

    My first Automattic Grand Meetup, in photos.

  4. Joining Automattic

    Published on

    Landed a dream job.

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