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  1. Quitting the Internet

    Published on

    Cutting back.

  2. Themers as Shipbuilders

    Published on

    I want you to sail them.


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  1. Just Build Websites

    Published on

    Oh, fun side project ideas.

  2. Conan O'Brien Interviews Jack White

    Published on

    Deadlines can fuel creativity.


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  1. Nine Learnings from Nine Years of Brain Pickings

    Published on

    A lot of learning comes when you keep doing working to grow a creation.

  2. Just Blog

    Published on

    Some tips on blogging regularly.

  3. Steal This Talk

    Published on

    Trust each other more and work together for far greater impact.

  4. Writing is Failure

    Published on

    So that's why people don't do this.

  5. Art Direction and Creativity on the Web in 2015

    Published on

    It should be easier to be creative on the web.


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  1. Wake Up Excited

    Published on

    Embrace the process.

  2. Living in a Developer's Utopia

    Published on

    Living the good life.

  3. Weird Al Yankovic On Parody In the Age Of YouTube

    Published on

    It's a free for all on YouTube.


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  1. When's the Last Time You Pumped Up Your Creativity?

    Published on

    A few thoughts on how to nurture your creativity.

  2. Why Chaos Can Make a Storytelling Project Work

    Published on

    Learn how to harness uncertainty when working on a big project.


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  1. The Most Important Non-Digital Tool for Any Creative

    Published on

    A simple notebook may be the thing that keeps you sane in a crowded digital world.

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